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Departments at KIHD

Emergency Department

ER Department now working under the supervision of Dr. Riffat Sultana

The emergency of KIHD is 20 bedded and can be extended up to 25 beds. It is a large spacious hall equipped with state of the art equipment. All the beds have ECG & BP monitors (Welch Allyn, USA), central oxygen & suction, computerized ECG machines, Defibrillator (Life Pack-20, Medtronic, USA) with external pace maker are also available. There is a separate area for female patients. The emergency department works round the clock. The medical and paramedical staffs are posted in 3 shifts. Approximately 73,000 patients visit Emergency Department of KIHD yearly.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

CCU Department now working under the supervision of Prof Dr. Tariq Ashraf.

The coronary care unit of KIHD is a 20 bedded unit. The CCU is also equipped with state of the art equipment. All the beds have ECG & BP monitors (Welch Allyn, USA), with some other parameters and are connected with three central oxygen and suction lines, ECG Machines (Mortare, USA), Defibrillator (Life Pack-20, Medtronic, USA) with external pace maker and ventilators (Viasys Health Care Bird, USA) besides other routine patient care facilities.

Out Patient department (OPD)

KIHD is the first institute of cardiology of Pakistan providing separate OPD facilities for male and female patients. The entire staff of female OPD including doctors, technicians and nursing staff is female. Both the male and female OPD have large waiting areas, doctor’s rooms, consultant’s rooms, and ECG rooms, separately. More than 100,000 patients visit OPD per year at KIHD.

In-Patient Department (Clinical Wards)

There are four wards (divided into two units) each with 20 beds, two for male and two for female patients. The private ward has 20 rooms. Each ward has been provided ECG machine, Defibrillator with external pacemaker and other equipments.


The ECG system is of Mortara, USA providing multichannel ECG connected with a centralized computer system and accessories at predefined PC bases stations.



Laboratory & Blood Bank

Laboratory & Blood Bank is now working under the supervision of Dr. Sabir

The institute has a fully automated and computerized laboratory which is working under the supervision of a consultant pathologist and qualified and trained staff. The laboratory is equipped with the following equipments:

  1. Chemistry Analyzer automatic  - Selectra E (Netherland)
  2. OChemistry Analyzer semiautomatic - Microlab-3000 (Netherland)
  3. Electrolyte Analyzer - Beckman Coulter EL-ISE (USA)
  4. Hematology Analyzer - Beckman Coulter ACT - 18 Channel (USA)
  5. Cougulometer - Sysmex CA-50 (Japan)
  6. Urine Analyzer - Urykon 300 (Germany)
  7. Microscope - MC 200 A, Micron (Austria)
  8. Sterlizer (Hot air/ oven) ED-53, Binder (Germany)
  9. And other necessary equipments

All the baseline blood tests like Blood CP, UCE, LFTs, Urine DR, Lipid Profile, RBS, FBS, PT-INR are being done at very economical price. Troponin-I which is a very important test to rule out the Myocardial Infarction in a patient presenting with chest pain at ER is being done at KIHD within 45 minutes.

Radiology and X-Rays

The Radiology department of the institute works under the supervision of a consultant Radiologist. It is equipped with

  1. High frequency C-Arm with fluoroscopy
  2. X-ray machine 500 mA
  3. Mobile X-ray with 100 mA
  4. Automatic X-ray film processor
Exercise Testing Department (ETT)

Department now working under the supervision of Dr. Saeed Ahmed Shaik

This department is equipped with three ETT machines. These ETT machines are fully computerized; one is Aspel and the other is Schiller ETT systems. The department is also equipped with all the necessary equipments including defibrillators and emergency resuscitation facilities. The Exercise tests have been done under the supervision of a trained medical registrar and a qualified and experienced technician. This department is a part of non invasive labs which is headed by Associate professor of cardiology.


Department now working under the supervision of Dr. Saeed Ahmed Shaik

This department is also equipped with three latest designed Echo machines (Toshiba Nemio 35, Xorio). Our Echo lab is also providing the facility of transesophageal echo (TEE). All the procedures are performed under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff headed by Specialist in Imaging Cardiology and the reports are reviewed by a head of Non invasive cardiology department.



Ambulatory ECG & BP Lab

The ambulatory BP monitoring and ambulatory ECG (Holter) monitoring lab of the institute is fully equipped with latest equipment in the field. The system is fully computerized and both the systems are Schiller.



Cath Lab / Interventional Cardiology

Cath Lab Department now working under the supervision of Prof Dr. Ishaq, Prof Dr. Mansoor Ahmed and Dr. Riffat Sultana.

Cardiac Catheterization Department (Cath Lab) of KIHD started functioning in May 2005.

This department is comprising two cath labs that are equipped with two state of the art latest version of Toshiba Angiography machines along with other invasive physiological monitoring system.

The Cath Lab is one of the busiest departments of KIHD and it is popular in the town for providing economical and quality services. In fact, this lab started procedures (angiography and angioplasty) from the day of its existence at the lowest possible cost. It was a unique example and it has set a trend of providing economical services in the city.

The department of Interventional Cardiology is headed by well known, reputable and senior consultant cardiologist, Prof. Muhammad Ishaq. He is the director of Cath Lab at KIHD

The staff of the Cath Lab is highly trained and qualified in the field of Interventional Cardiology. They are well behaved, skilled and practice the radiation safety measures as per PNRA guidelines.

Currently the Cath Lab of KIHD is performing;

O 3000 diagonostic procedures per year
O 300 perculaneous coronary interventions (PCI) per year.

Thalium Scan / Neuclear Cardiology Department

Thalium Scan Department now working under the supervision of Dr.Masseh uz Zaman

Nuclear Cardiology Department of KIHD started functioning from 29th December 2008 in older block adjacent to Catheterization Laboratory. This was a very compact department with no dedicated waiting area for injected patients. In March 2010, department was extended by using the space of hot store and clinical laboratory as the later was shifted to new block. Dedicated “hot waiting area” and a large cardiac stress laboratory where dynamic and pharmacological stress can be performed simultaneously.

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Nuclear Cardiology Department of KIHD is equipped with a state of the art dedicated cardiac SPECT with a stress laboratory with treadmill and pharmacological stress options. KIHD is the only public sector institute which is performing Gated SPECT as a routine due to its inbuilt strength to predict about prognosis and risk stratification. All stress procedures are conducted by qualified and credentialed nuclear physicians with well trained technical staff and good emergency support too. A comprehensive report comprised of perfusion images, perfusion status of various coronaries, volume and EF parameters provide high magnitude of information to referring physicians. This helps the cardiologist in selecting a better treatment modality with confidence as this is the age of evidence based medicine.


Cardiac Surgery Department.

Welcome to the department of cardiac Surgery at Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases.

We perform surgery for heart diseases. Heart diseases are becoming more common in the world especially in South Asia, Pakistan. It affects both male and female and both rich and the poor. Our focus is at providing quality service with reasonable cost.

Patient care is given utmost importance. From patient admission to discharge from the hospital expert and empathetic care is provided in well equipped operation theatre, intensive care unit and ward.

From surgical staff to nurses, & technicians to physiotherapist – all have special training both from Pakistan and abroad.

This is confirmed by our excellent results.


Dr. Syed Asadullah Hussaini
F.R.C.S (Ed), F.R.C.S (Cardiothoracic)
Head of Department
Consultant and Associate Professor Cardiac Surgery

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