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All praise to be Almighty God, Lord of the Universe, and may peace and blessings be upon his final messenger Muhammad(PBUH), and upon his companions, his family and all those who follow clear Guidance until the Last Day.

For deposit Donation in K.I.H.D meet social welfare officer,


Donation for Patient's
IBAN: PK33 UNIL 0112 0891 1000 6465 (United Bank Limited)
Account # 100-0646-5 (United Bank Limited) Code # 0891,
IBAN: PK51 UNIL 0112 0188 0102 8019 (United Bank Limited)
Account # 010-2801-9 (United Bank Limited) Rahimabad Branch


Walfare Working

In K.I.H.D welfare working based on social welfare department under the incharge of Shaista Haider.

Social Welfare Department:

Social welfare department work for those patients who are financially weak or not afford treatment. This department provides maximum facility to those patients.


Facilities in K.I.H.D

In heart disease patient facilitate by different test in cheapest amount like..

  1. Echo.
  2. Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT).
  3. Thallium Scan.
  4. Lab test.
  5. Angiography.

 And treatment for those patients like..

  1. Angioplasty.
  2. Implantation of Permanent Pace Maker (PPM).
  3. By Pass.
  4. Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial (ESMR).

Diagnosis & treatment for heart patient is very expansive also very difficult to treat heart patient without expenditure.Karachi Institute of Heart Disease working before six years for those patients but year passes rate of heart patient increase gradually & the having amount is not enough so always carrying on the working & services we need Zakat, Atiyat etc. for those patient.

Tow type of Patient.

  • Inpatient.
  • Outpatient.

Welfare assistance to admit patient’s amount approximately 100% or patient economic status. Patient pay for pharmacy only, while all other charges bear welfare department.


Welfare program covers approximately 50% to 75% cost of diagnostic procedure depending on individual patient economic status.
Patient Waiver of Charges:

Welfare program also work for those patient who need some support, for instance if the cost increase beyond their capacity to pay e.g. 15% to 25% total charges welfare department pay for it.

Walfare Program Works For:

The patient who can’t afford   ward charges,

  1. Consultation.
  2. Investigation.
  3. Diagnostic.
  4. Procedure.

These patients forward towards welfare department.
Welfare department working on behalf of budget condition. Department budget must be available. Patient must request assistance before proceeding any medical services,
            Department provide Istehqaq form to patient which is must for using welfare budget Patient, attendant fulfill the requirement of Istehqaq form & submitted in the department then department bear the charges for treatment of patient according to rules & regulation.
            Needy patient will be supported without any discrimination for their treatment at K.I.H.D. so, like other hospital.
            We must need donations & other funds. For this noble reason we requesting to individuals or other resources to give their funds to K.I.H.D for needy patients.
Your Zakat, Atiyat, Donation is the only hope of life for needy patients. So, we request to all to take part in this noble reason.
            For deposit amount in K.I.H.D meet social welfare officer,
Or Account # 100-0646-5 (United Bank Limited) Code # 0891,

Or Account # 010-2801-9 (United Bank Limited) Rahimabad Branch

We would like to wish that honestly, righteousness and devotion in our work and may the almighty God bless us all so as to promote and develop.

The Zakat as an essential and important issue for the improvement and development the Hospital
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