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Aquilion one is the first dynamic volume C.T system in KIHD. It provides whole heart coverage in as a single gantry rotation with one heart beet. the resulting images are reconstructed at a single instant in time, ensuring uniform contrast enhancement and motion-free images troughout the entire volume.The Aquilion one 320 slice provides instructions for the following types of examination.

1. Coronary C.T Angiography.

2. Coronary CFA.

3. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Scanning.

4. Calcium Scoring.

5. Coronary Artery Stenting.  

C.T Cardiac Angiography 320 Slice

1. Machine:
  • * Aquilion 1 Toshiba.
  • * 320 Slice.
  • * 0.35 Single scan time.
  • * 0.5 nnm Slice thickness.

2. Calcium scoring to calculate calcified artherosclerotic plaque burden.

3. C.T Cardiac angiography is performed in 5-7 sec. total time with preparation and examination 20 min to 30 min.

4. Low radiation dose equac to conventional angiography.

5. Software / Workstation.

  • - Sure extension.
  • - 3D.
  • - Measurement of Stenosis.

6. Non invasive no cauterization I/V non ionic contrast is used.

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